Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get it DONE...

Dear Diary,

"Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!"
- Andrew Carnegie

Tis’ the season of graduations…I think I’m gathering a fashionable concept to turn that gown (frown) upside-down and into a stylish-chic’ arrangement. It’s just too frumpy for me….nevertheless, the show must go on. Congratulations to those crossing the marker of success this month. Read on to learn about one of the most positive individuals on my team from a recent interview of my impeccable stylist

Your are known as the stylist for Joli'....tell us how you got your start in the styling business and how your consulting firm- Glamourotti has helped you achieve such greatness...
"I knew styling was for me from participating in various internships related to fashion. I tried design, merchandising and styling---styling was the avenue that gave me the most joy and it just came naturally! I did a summer styling internship in New York then came back to Houston and began interning with JONES magazine. I was happy to work where needed with the magazine, they eventually saw my passion for styling and offered me an opportunity to style some photoshoots. When you work for clients you have to purvey the image they ask of you, I knew I was talented in that avenue so I launched a name for my styling company and parlayed that into other opportunities to style for music videos, personal consultations and now here I am with Diary of Joli'!"

What's "in" for you this season? As a stylist, tell our readers what you plan to rock this summer...
"This summer I'm so excited because I love color and that's the hot trend! Color blocking by layering your shorts, skirts or pants with cool tee's or oxford shirts and a nice light-weight blazer. Dresses are of course in for the summer and are classic. Jersey fabric dresses are in but the key is in the draping and ruffles! Of course cotton dresses with patterns are key and statement making as well!"

What are some quirky (individualistic) things that people may or may not know about you...
"I hate planning what to wear say the night before a full day! I'm better at dressing on a whim, it helps me stay creative, spontaneous and true to how I feel at that moment! I love music and what I call car karaoke! In my mind when I'm in the car I'm the best songstress that ever lived! I do runs, hit high notes, the works! But on a serious tip music also helps me stay creative with fashion and style. Certain musical tunes or lyrics ignite styles and looks in my's crazy how it happens but when it does i have to jot it down or try and sketch it out. I also hate gum!!!! I seriously despise it! Why would I want to constantly chew on something for hours nonstop?!...unladylike in my book!"

Time to do a shout-out....Do you have a favorite designer/stylist? If so, who is it and why...
"My fav stylist is most definitely Patricia Field! Her work on Sex and the City is genius. She's parlayed that into her own line and store. She's definitely a creative mind that I look up to for inspiration and credit as a ground breaking individual.
My favorite designer was and forever will be the late Lee Alexander McQueen. His eye for detail, patterns, and construction was breathtaking. He was a true artist and the epitome of the what the definition of designer should be."

P.S. By far, my favorite piece from the Premiere of Sex and the City 2....GENIUS work Valentino!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Diary,

This week was a challenging, from taking care of business for the line and of my personal life, but that of course is something I’m all too familiar with. As usual, I put my many hats on and went to work…migraines became a thing of the past as I persevered through the week. An interesting concept I did come across this week as I move towards creating my men’s line, Le’on is...I received feedback from a few male followers that has ironically given my pencil a different stroke to the Joli’ line.

I am constantly thinking of ways to enhance my line, starting with my original garment, named Joli’, shown below. Here’s my take on it- I hate it. I’m reconstructing it to be more flattering to a woman’s body and currently have my manufacturer tailoring the open front for starters. I truly value your opinion, so if there are any thoughts in what YOU see this piece becoming- dare to tell, comments are always welcomed. Joli’ MUST BE FAB!

In other news--

As team Joli’ assist me with enhancements, I was recently inspired by one of our team members, our own Production Manager- and her immovable attitude towards the line’s future….take a walk with me to see what I mean…

Recently you discussed being inspired/led to create something new/fresh for the line. What brought along that recent inspiration?
My most recent inspiration came from seeing the old and the new sketches come together in a meeting with the Designer and Creative Director. I left there and made a chalked color board of all of the amazing color blends. The textures were inspired by the paper itself. I love colors that are "yummy". The line is all about color and practicality and during the production process I want to follow that vision.

You also mentioned the talk of fabrics and new feels....explain that dynamic for us…
Fabric should feel "good" in every sense of the word. It should feel good on your body, to your soul and mentally just sitting in your closet as a smart investment piece. Our first run was more structured in fabrication but this extended line is totally texturized! Fabulous flow-ey fabrics, a mix of woven materials and a few knits as well.

What are some quirky (individualistic) things that people may or may not know about you -->fashionably related….or not:
(laughing) I am highly opinionated person and I possess an artistically-critical eye. I always say, "I feel" before speaking. I didn't even notice it until a friend pointed it out to me. It's like my little disclaimer that I this is just my opinion or it can also be a prelude to a "wear out" (another term I use describing my canning ability to place my stamp of disapproval on whatever you are or are not doing). I do however know that my opinions are just that and they are enough for us all. I like to say when I want your opinion- I will give it to you! (laughing)

OK, enough about you- kidding, but really, time to do a shout-out- do you have a favorite designer or stylist that you admirer? If so, who is it and why is that…
First I would like to say thank you to all of my fans because without you none of this would be possible.... (laughing). Ok, I always wanted to say that. Seriously though, I would like to say thank you to each and everyone who wears what they want, who they want, when they want, were they want, how they want and doesn't care about what anyone thinks! Fashion is Freedom! Kisses!

…and as I would like to end it --> POW.