Wednesday, October 18, 2017

There's always room for growth year after year!

Here's more of Joli' Richard originals! 2017 Edition. Enjoy!

The Coronation of the 87th Miss Southern University A&M College

Old Hollywood meets today's socialite! Miss Southern University is wearing a Joli' Richard original with imported fabrics from New York.

Super Bowl LI Style & Beauty Suite

It's the Super Bowl party that you can shop at! Meet local designers and shop their collections. Sip cocktails, enjoy treats, and of course be fabulous!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Peplum

Dear Diary,

    The peplum fashion was very popular in the 1940s and 1980s, and has made a comeback for the Spring/Summer 2012. With a flared ruffle attached to a skirt, skort, shirt or jacket gives it a modern look in today’s day and age and it has become one of Joli’s favorite trends. So be prepared to Unlock Your style with Joli’s vision of the Peplum fashion.  

Unlock Your Style,
Team Joli


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Balmain Resort

Dear Diary,
                 As I look around this summer when I go out to different places I began to notice a common trend for the everyday fashionable. People are beginning to dress more with a Cali-inspired style. The loose over-sized tees, pastel Aztec graphics, adorably fitting short shorts and of course the new “little black-dress”, that every women must have in her closet, a colorful romper. This trending statement says “I’m the fun girl from next door” but since it’s so common could it also say “I’m on the band wagon?”

So to help all of you fashionistas out there who loves to stand out and be a step ahead of the crowd while not being too radical like myself, I did a little research for you to help you to  "Unlock your style" this summer. Two words, Balmain Resort. Even though the French fashion house has always been known for its glam-rock style, with its Women’s Wear department under the new direction of Olivier Rousteing, he has brought up a line Cali-inspired while keeping the high fashion touch. Only being 25, Rousteing has already been with Balmain for three years and even before then he worked five years for Roberto Cavalli as the designer for the Men and Women’s ready-to-wear collections.

The best way to describe his line would be Cali meets Vegas while visiting Paris. From its bold Aztec prints, to the eye-popping gold fringe, mixed with oversized pastels and loose fitting belted bell bottoms, this line states summer for the seriously fashionable.


Inspired yet?
Unlock your style,
Sierra, Fashion Assistant

Monday, June 27, 2011

Phoenix Fashion Week

Dear Diary,

       Here are the official Top 10 emerging designers
 in Phoenix Fashion Week:

                                                                        Joli Richard

We at Joli are very excited to be represented as one of the Top 10 emerging designers. We are currently embarking upon making our Spring 2012 line. It is sure to be creativity beyond imagination and everything and more that portrays a Joli Woman.

Trenell Floyd;
      Monyca Cordova;
  Will Chandler ;


  Mabel Cortez;

Gary Jones;

 Anna Friss;

Missing Designers are Sebastien Million,, InDi http://www.indi-apparel/. com, Silvia Bours

                                       Good Luck to all the Participants from the Joli Team
                                                                 and remember to
                                                                 Unlock your Style,
                                                             Sierra, Fashion Assistant

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashion Blogger Oh To Be A Muse - Top Favs Emerging Designer Showcase

Dear Diary,

As you know, I'm a huge twitter fan. As I was tweeting on yesterday, I stumbled across one of my followers blog post entitled "Phoenix Fashion: Emerging Designer Showcase. Little did I know, she was in the audience. Check out her favorite designs of the night.

Unlock Your Style,


2nd Challenge - Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer Contest

Dear Diary,

While up late reviewing swatches, silhouettes and even video concepts, what you know, another challenge.  As usual, super excited.  The pages are getting pretty thick in this Diary.  Here are a few photos.....

Unlock Your Style,


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Save the Date...

Dear Diary,

            Today I stumbled across the best news to any high fashion lover’s ears, Swedish high street brand Hennes and Mauritz’s new designer collaboration will be with the one and only Italian house luxury designer Versace! Surprisingly as it may be, because we’ve all heard how when asked about it last in 2008 Donatella Versace said herself “to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand” which is understandable, being that the line is a respectably noted luxury brand Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor for H&M, states that line will be deemed as the first “Iconic Collection” for the store. This couldn’t have been worded more perfectly being that Donatella states excitedly she’s going to use “Iconic Versace pieces from Iconic Versace moments which are not exactly always the past but also the present.” and she even graced us with a sneak peek of the line during her Versace Men’s collection show in Milan.

The line is going to be composed of men and women’s wear, accessories and even newer for the store, homeware. “It’s going to be vibrant heritage of the brand, full of leather, print, color and exuberance in exclusive at fantastic H&M prices,” according to a press release.

   So let’s review, On November 17th, 2011 anybody who’s anybody that loves great fashion at great prices should be lined up at your nearest H&M because re-sellers will too be on the prowl. We wouldn’t want a repeat of last years sell out in a matter of minutes of Alber Elbaz’s Lanvin line for H&M that showed up being sold all over eBay for costly prices.

…and for those real fashion fanatics like myself here’s another tip, it would be very beneficial to do some spring cleaning early for next year and make some room in your closet because not too long after the first release, January 19th 2012 Versace will be selling their pre-spring collection online, you know what they say early bird catches the worm!

Unlock your style,

Sierra , Fashion Assistant



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Phoenix Fashion Week...

Dear Diary,

            June 17th, 2011 Phoenix Fashion Week introduced the top 10 finalists in their Emerging Designers competition. Up for grabs is a $15,000 prize package, specifically designed to take a new designer to the next level- launching a collection and taking it to market successfully.

   The competition is booked with finalists meeting with the Phoenix Fashion Week team on a regular basis; developing and defining their brand and fine-tuning a launch strategy. They also participate in photo shoots, fashion shows and gain exposure to media – all important components of a successful business strategy for a fashion designer.

   The winner of last year’s competition was SJ Couture, a custom bridal line which is designed by two local Scottsdale women, Sim and Jeanne Hankerson. After entering the contest for just experience purposes and yet emerging on top as the winner, designer Jeanne Hankerson says that winning the competition has definitely opened a lot of doors for SJ Couture.

   But the most vital information is that, for the first time this year, Phoenix Fashion Week accepted applications from designers outside of Arizona. Director Brian Hill is excited about the change, he feels it’s “a very effective program for emerging designers”. It was this opportunity that allowed for Diary of Joli to be represented as one of the top 10 emerging designers in Phoenix Fashion Week!

All of the emerging designers participate in the runway shows at Phoenix Fashion Week, scheduled this year for Oct 5-8. They are judged by fashion industry insiders and the winner is announced that evening. The $15,000 prize package that the single winner will receive is in services and support, including assistance with website design, a business plan and analysis, and an online showroom at Madison …and of course the glamorous spotlight from the publicity that comes along with winning! So as you would guess, we have our work cut out for us these next few months but no worries because we’re Team Joli.

Unlock your style,

Sierra Tossie, Fashion Assistant

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