Friday, March 19, 2010

Our First Cover

Joli' has been moving fast and we are continuing to ride the wave. Our next feature will be in VIZAGE Magazine which will include sports media "Dream Girl" Nischelle Turner and the visionary Ava Jadore.

Tell Me What You Think

Team Joli' is in the process of creating our tag line. We would like your help in our efforts. A tag line is very important to a company that is developing its brand as we have been successfully doing for months. A tag line is a short statement about your company that embodies the essence of your brand. Our oh so creative team has come up with two suggestions and are still brainstorming. Tell us what you think or send us your suggestions.

#1 "Unlock Your Style"
#2 " The Best Unkept Secret"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who is Diary of Joli'

Featured Fashionista

Featured Fashionista - Denise Richard

Dear Diary,

I would like to thank Daily Fashionistas for selecting me as their "Featured Fashionista". This journey of my diary as I launch my line has been so inspirational. Read the attached post to learn more about the "Engineer by Day, Designer by Night".

Denise Richard’s love for fashion began as a young woman in her native town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her mother constantly encouraged her be creative and also introduced her to garment making, while her father would photograph her creations. Whether they knew it or not at the time, her parents love and support would provide inspiration to the young fashionista and begin her passion for fashion.

Daily Fashionistas chose Denise as our Featured Fashionista because she's not only an up-and-coming fashion icon, but she has an inspirational story of following her dreams. Her beautiful designs are fun as well as flirty. Denise even adds some edge to her creations. Let's get to know more about Denise Richard:

If I weren’t a designer/fashionista, I’d be…well, actually…I AM an Engineer. I like to say, “Engineer by day; designer by night.”

Working in engineering has had a tremendous affect on my fashion sense as an emerging designer. I have developed a keen eye and the ability to understand the concepts behind designs. Engineering is simply an additional resource that I rely on to produce innovative, avant-guarde pieces in an artistic way.

When I need to relax, I…Watch an old 1930s/1940s American Classic Movie, featuring; for example, Betty Davis, Joan Crawford, or Lana Turner. I am a HUGE Elvis Presley fan, and also enjoy his 1960s films such as Blue Hawaii and Viva Las Vegas.

I look at the style of the actors/actress’ garments for inspirations for my men’s and women’s Prêt-a-Porter Lines, Jolï and León, as they very much represent regality, class, and glamour seen during those eras. I think, “Wow, only if I could dress like that!”I lay magazines next to me…Vogue (the bible for fashion trends and fashionistas), InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour…all of them laid right there beside me to compare. I follow the celebrities, especially Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham and June Ambrose so that I can keep up on what they are doing and who they are styling. They are the epitome of what the Jolï woman represents.

I also use my free time to write in my diary… the Diary of Jolï. The diary is a documentation of my entire life story…a legacy to leave behind to my daughter. It profiles the steps and processes behind launching my collections and the necessary resources needed to achieve a successful company.

Although a diary is usually secret; my inner most thoughts that no one really knows about, I have unlocked it to share with all of you.

The trait I love most in myself is… I love that I am so personable and love to network and build relationships. I just love people! People will respond to me when they see that I am just the “girl next door” with a vision and dreams before me. Now, stepping out and claiming my destiny. My aspirations are to build networks to enhance the Joli’ brand.

When I’m online, I …check out major fashion calendars, google fashion trends and visit TOPSHOP, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Instyle online. It is important as a designer that I understand what the people who shop at those places relate to.

My collections are high-quality, custom, couture garments. Those mediums are the perfect niche The Diary of Jolï caters to.

All the while, I am constantly checking my Twitter and Facebook fanpage, communicating with my followers every chance that I get and announcing what I am working on that day.

The paparazzi should love me because…I wear many “hats.”

On any given day, the paparazzi would see that my day is never dull. I go from the board room to board meetings of my non-profit organizations. Next could be a fashion show, picking up the kids from school, then right back home to make dinner and sketch. They can always catch me on the move as a “rock-star” mom…and always looking fabulous.

I can’t go into … without maxing out my credit card!

Unfortunately, there are so many that I am connected to: Nordstrom & and the shoe dept of Neiman Marcus are my poison.

I am a shoe fanatic and eventually had to stop and consider optimizing my love for shoes. In 2005, I opened my own shoe boutique (Head Over Heels) in Houston, Texas so I could quit maxing out my card.

My favorite style secret is…utilizing belts for necklaces.

Sometimes I see a belt and to me, I like it more as a necklace. I will easily transform it to give an outfit a bit of character and more attention.

I can’t leave the house without …my blackberry, sunshades, and the Diary of Joli’ portfolio.

I’d love to meet …Catherine Malandrino and June Ambrose.

I’d love to be…known as a designer willing to help all other designers live out their dreams; to give them a step-by-step process/survival guide to launch their line. I would also like to be a “red-carpet name,” with celebrities such as Michelle Obama wearing my garments.

My favorite celeb style is…Victoria Beckham, because she represents the definition of the Jolï woman.

The Jolï woman is confident, chic, fashionable, and edgy. A Jolï woman is independent and is always on the move. Our collection is geared toward the Jetsetter. A socialite that grabs the attention of everyone she embarks upon; is the woman Jolï aims to dress. Our garments will allow this remarkable well-dressed woman to transition from day to night no matter what the occasion. If you are not a Jetsetter, wearing a Jolï design will be a great start to looking like one.

In 10 years, I will be …a well-known designer, with showrooms in NY and LA.

I would also like to lead the way to making Houston, TX a major fashion capital in the United States; where the industry will look to us for style trends and pattern making.
To hear more about my Diary…follow me on Twitter, my Facebook fanpage and my blog where I give step-by-step commentary as I launch my line.

About Diary of Jolï:

We have completed our fall 2010 Jolï line, and currently working on spring 2011. The menswear collection, León, will launch in 2011. Stay tuned for our junior collection… the Notebook!

Twitter: @Diaryof Joli
Blog: on the heading to view the article.