Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fashion Muse, Rachel Zoe......"I Die for Fashion"

Dear Diary,

I absolutely love Rachel Zoe!  She is such a fashion icon.  The September issues of all the major magazines are behind us and I thought I would share my favorite.  Harper's Bazaar Magazine was my favorite issue this fashion season.  While relaxing from a long day in the design studio, I found peace and happiness in these photos.  Nothing like a good 1930's movie and my Harper's Bazaar to end a productive day.


Well, its time to get back to the studio.   OMG!  These shoes " I die for Fashion"
Unlock Your Style,


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Now that Fashion Week is Over.......

This fall the worlds most stylish people gathered again to celebrate the wonderful culture that we call the fashion industry. Being the first time held at Lincoln Center, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was nothing less than incredible. As Rachel would say, "I died". I have never seen such excitement and enthusiasm over NYFW as I did this season. Members of the Diary of Joli' team attended various events, putting Joli' on the map in every way. Diary of Joli' Marketing Director, Jerry Mathis took part in tons of the festivities and this is what he had to say...

"I really enjoyed myself this season. The true fashion spirit was captured. I feel like Diary of Joli' has stayed true to the trends of the season while still adding its own flare. We will definetly give the industry something to watch out for next season."

Mathis attended the Luca Luca and Tibi show at Lincoln Center as well as the Jones Awards at the Alvin Alley School of Dance just to name a few. He also went to the Laura Smalls show which was held at the infamous Plaza Hotel. Not to mention his run in with Lauren Weisberger (Author of The Devil Wears Prada), June Ambrose (Celebrity Stylist), and Angela Simmons. The best part of his trip had to be having dinner legendary duo Ashford and Simpson at the Sugar Bar. What a way to close out fashion week.

Can wait till Diary of Joli presents its first collection. You will want to be front row!
Unlock Your Style,
JL Mathis,
Marketing Director, Diary of Joli'

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Joli' Woman of the Week

Dear Diary,

Joli' Woman of the Week.....Angelina Jolie.  Wow, how I love this silhouette.  What makes this a Joli' woman?  Its backless.  Exposed shoulders, and ITS EFFORTLESS. 

This week, I shipped several of my garments to Los Angeles for a photoshoot with Vizage Magazine.  Tomorrow we will be streaming live and behind the scenes with singer Michel'le Toussant, 

Continue to follow our blog as we launch our line.

Unlock Your Style,


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Working Hard to Play Harder.....

What a day it has been.  I was in my office and I was stragetizing on the creative ways to launch out line.  Joli' has been requested to provide garments and designs for so many people that I just needed to figure out innovative ways to meet the demand.  What the world doesn't know is that I started this company with only $250.00.  Wow, that is nothing.  Pennies to be exact.  I believe in our product so, that I have decided to make a drastic move.  Does vacant warehouse sound attractive?  What about studios and showrooms?  I am looking for real estate where I can have a home and a personal work space and showroom.   You see, in our many research developments, I have discovered that manufacturing is where the money is.  I am a strong believer that we should give back to the community and provide jobs in our own communities.  I  better stop here.  I can't tell it all, I got to leave something to make you return.

Team Joli' has embraced my new image, new direction and new name!  I hope you enjoy the below sketch.  Its called "Girl Next Door".  See you guys at Fashion Week! 

Unlock Your Style,


Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Diary,

Team Joli' is currently preparing for New York Fashion Week.  Wow so much to prepare.  This will be my firs time attending and I'm really looking forward to it.  My hopes are to meet up with my twitter family and well as network with other fellow designers.  My Fashion Director and I discussed wardrobe for fashion week.  This week we will take a serious look as to what already constructed garments will actually be manufactured.  I think this was a good start but we are going to WOW the world with the reconstructed pieces.  I can't wait.

Long day at work and an extremely long day at the home office.  Well, got to go and pack these garments to be shipped to Los Angeles on tomorrow.

Unlock Your Style,


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Productive Day

Dear Diary,

Today is the day that the Lord has made and at Joli' we are rejoicing in it!  I promised myself that I would continue to blog daily so that our readers can have a step by step count of launching our line.  I must admit it has been a productive day.  Productive meaning work, work, and work.  But at Joli', we believe in working hard so we can play harder.  I did, however, break away for a little shopping with the family.  But boy, I'm I in need of some girls time.  Can't wait to go to New York for Fashion Week.

As I worked on my facebook fan page, I came across this silhouette that did not make our collection.  For the life of me, I don't know how it got on the runway.  But, this model wore it well.  We are in the reconstructions phase of this garment.  As always, you guys know I am opened for suggestions.

Unlock Your Style,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm So Inspired!

Dear Diary,

This week, I took a step back and looked into the circle. My collection being the circle of course. Wow, what did I see. I didn't see the entire collection as I had originally desired it to be. My vision for Joli' is for those fashionistas willing to take risk, women that are ready to add a little edge to their wardrobe, and unique silhouettes. I'm determined to be different, I'm determine to WOW the fashion savvy community. To release my frustration, Joli' Business Manager and Fashion Attorney suggested that I go out on the tennis court and hit all the yellow off the tennis balls. You can image my response, instead I threw my signature piece Joli' across the room. Lol. I continued doing this until I felt some release. Once I was free, the creative juices that were there all along were resurrected! Yes, I'm BACK. I immediately called my Design Assistant and gave her key words and emotions that could describe my collection and vision for Joli'. For she had only been employed with us for a week. Did she get excited and inspired and gave me some very constructive observations. Friends, I don't want to be just a designer. I'm an Avante Garde designer with Pret a Porte (ready to wear) collection. I call it edgyture. Edgy Couture. Yes, that's it! Stay tuned for our edgyture illustrations.
Diary of Joli' truly has God's favor. Our company is in need of more focus centered branding. I have had three branding companies approach me all within two days of each other. WOW how exciting. It just gets better, I am so inspired by Revealing Fashion. They are a company with the same goals and visions as Joli'. My conversation with CEO and Sr. Business Coordinator was refreshing and gave me a sense of their dedication and hard work. At Joli' our motto....Work Hard to Play Harder. We absolutely love what we do. The energy, long days and sweat we put into making Joli' stand above them all. We love changing lives of individuals through our Image Consulting. Look out Fashion World, Diary of Joli' is sneaking behind you with greatness and "edgyture" silhouettes.
This is my diary as I launch my line. Stay tuned and share my story with others that are fashion savvy. My hopes are to inspire my followers to live life now.
Pics attached are new illustrations and a wonderful pic from Revealing Fashions. Very inspiring! Illustration 19, I would like to see without sleeves.
Unlock Your Style,
Sent via Joli' Berry by AT&T

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Diary,

Long day at the office and a long day at the home office of Diary of Joli'. I began my evening with a conference call with our Production Manager and then a team conference call. We are currently working on our marketing plan. Oh you guys, it is going to be great. The team is currently planning a team retreat in Atlanta, GA so gather our plans, goals and vision for the next fashion season.

Well, my night hasn't ended; I have a 10pm conference call with a legendary female singer. More to follow! Joli has been asked to style her for a magazine cover. All praises to God!

My inspirations today.....Avante Garde with a ready to wear feel. I have decided to restructure some of my "not so strong" pieces. I want to WOW the world! I work hard so that I can play harder.

Unlock Your Style,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fw: DSC_0184.jpg

Dear Diary,
During one of my designers block, the Production Manager of Team Joli' suggested a very chic silk off the shoulder hoodie. It feels so good to trust my team members. It is now one of my favorite designs.
Unlock Your Style,
Sent via Joli' Berry by AT&T

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello World!

Did you miss me? Whoo! I've been traveling the seven seas, and have finally decided to take a least until fashion week, that is.

Today's blog features a new addition Team Joli'. I must say that my sprits are overjoyed to know that my team is growing and prospering- to new levels of success!

I hate to be so cliche, but being that you are our latest and greatest addition to the team, tell us a little about yourself....

"I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. I enjoy this city because of its rich culture and diversity. At an early age, I developed a passion for the arts. While in grade school, I learned to read music and became the first chair in my elementary symphony band. I now play two instruments, the Flute and the trombone. Becoming a musician, gave me the opportunity and courage to perform and entertain an audience. I have performed in numerous Mardi Gras parades. As a member of McDonogh #35 Senior High School, we would “WOW” the crowd on the parade routes. While in high school, I had the privilege of playing at the world famous Preservation Hall in the French Quarters and an unforgettable experience performing for Former President Bill Clinton. I remember my mother and I entered a Mother/Daughter Mother’s Day Fashion Show. Oh yeah, I’m the only girl in my family and I’m the oldest by the way, so I ran home and told my mom I was interested and she was just as excited. We went as far as making our final pieces which included props for the runway performance. After the adrenaline rush and having the opportunity to show a creative fun side of myself, I became extremely interested in the fashion world and an event planner in general. Throughout high school, I would host themed parties at my parent’s home. Everyone wanted an invitation to one of my parties. This new found passion for fashion and events takes me to my freshman year in college at the University of New Orleans where I studied Marketing. One day while on campus I was approached by this talent scout who was interested in me signing with their agency. After only a couple months I landed a contract with a client and I began to work many corporate and private events locally in New Orleans as a Brand Ambassador for the company. These events were amazing. I never would have imagined these type of elaborate events took place right here in my own city OMG! I worked events ranging from mansion parties in the French Quarters to themed parties where I dressed and modeled in really nice costumes. After a few years of working with this company, I relocated to Atlanta, Ga due to Hurricane Katrina. I have finished school in Fashion Marketing and continued to build my resume in the industry while living in Atlanta. Living in Atlanta has been a bitter/sweet experience that has brought me a long way in my personal and professional growth."

What has been your best experience with modeling and (when and where)?
"My absolute best experience with modeling was when I landed a job as a modeling instructor for Barbizon School of Modeling in New Orleans, Louisiana. I always reflect on my experiences there because at an early time in my career, I didn’t realize how many young ladies were so interested or respected the industry at their age. I first thought that most kids came to class because their parents could afford to send them to a modeling session, but as I developed a relationship with my students, I realized that I was in a wonderful rewarding situation. Not only was I learning the industry myself but I realized that I began to have such a profound effect on my students. One evening as class ended, most kids would be looking at the clock to go home and enjoy their Saturday, but these 20 sets of eyes were special. Those eyes were special because they fulfilled me as a model, an instructor, and as a person. I felt I became a role model at that moment because they became very comfortable around me and believed in me. As a matter of fact they became my friends. Today, 3 years later, I still receive calls for advice or just a simple hello from these aspiring models, confirming that I made the right decision to further my career in this industry."

Who has THE top look for you in 2010 and why?
"Rihanna’s cutting-edge fashions make her my choice for the Top Look in 2010. Her style is so futuristic and feminine, yet unpredictable. Her transformation over the years from denim skirts and long hair to a high fashion diva wearing Diane von Furstenberg dresses, certainly keeps the paparazzi busy."

What you believe your best asset is to the group?
"My best asset to Team Joli involves building everlasting relationships with the group. This in turn will continue to keep the team focused and excited on reaching our goals and final projects."

Where would you like to find the Joli woman in the next five years featured?
"Location, Location, Location is key! I believe featuring Diary of Joli with Saks, Neiman Marcus, and other high end companies will generate high end revenue for Diary of Joli. These companies offer the finest designer collections and Joli would fit perfectly."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Skip the Fireworks...Straight to Fashionworks!

Heading out to the Essence Music Festival this weekend?

We are please to be featured once again in the Motion's "Own Star Style" event in New Orleans, Louisiana. This event will be featuring complimentary hair and make-up consultations, as well as my own take on the latest trends, styling tips, and most importantly- new pieces from my line, Diary of Joli'.

I'm ecstatic to be apart of the EMF activities for another year. So, come out and meet my team, as well as guest star, Kandi Burruss (Real Housewives of Atlanta) as we take fashion to another level on the runway, and teach you how to do the same. There will be two chances to join us: Friday, July 2nd and Saturday, July 3rd at 2:30 and 5:00 PM each day.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer is definitely heating up! From the crochets to the prints, and island-inspired fashions, we are finding ourselves showing just a little more skin and displaying our inner glow. Take a look at Elle's Trend Report for the season.

Oh! Before you go, I suppose my Creative Director had plenty of beans to spill when I asked to do this interview with him....see for yourself, promise you'll enjoy....

Your are known as the Creative Director for Joli'....give us a little bit of background on how you got your start in the industry, specifically as the headliner for group....the people want to know!
"I have always had an interest in fashion. My passion started with a love for clothes. Sense I was a little boy I loved clothes. My parents would spend so much money on clothes for me. I had to have a new outfit every time I went out, even in elementary. I believe my family; especially my grandparents influenced my love for clothes because they believed in looking your best every time you go somewhere. While in high school I started working in retail. I landed a job working with Abercrombie in Houston Galleria. While working in the Galleria my love for clothes expanded to a love for fashion and style. I loved looking at the visual presentations of the high end retailers located in the Galleria. Even though I had this passion for fashion I never pursued it because my lifelong dream was to become a doctor. When I went off to college I majored in Pre-Med Psychology. I found out that the school I was attending offered Fashion Merchandising as a major. I started asking people about the profession and if I should change my major. Everyone I asked was totally against it and said that fashion was just a hobby not a career. I joined the Fashion Merchandising Association on campus where I learned about the fashion industry. After doing more research I decided to change my major and pursue my passion. While in college I received an intern position with Talbots, where I worked as a visual merchandiser. I joined the Houston chapter of Fashion Group International as a student member. My summer before my senior year I went to study abroad in Paris, France at the Paris American Academy. At the Academy I studied Fashion Merchandising and Communications. I also worked the shows during Paris Fashion Week for Haute Couture Designers. When I got back to the states I was offered a position with Talbots in sales. During this time I also started working for a Fashion PR company in New York. I had the opportunity to work the shows during New York Fashion Week. I went on to work for Forever 21 as a Visual Merchandiser, then after a few months I was promoted to Assistant Store Manager." "I was at an event for Fashion Group International when I met Denise, CEO and head designer for Diary of Joli’. She approached me at the event and stated she had heard so much about me and my fashion experience. She told me about herself and her vision for her clothing line. I agreed to help her out but I had no idea we would come this far. I have been working with Denise as the Creative Director for Joli’ since the beginning and have enjoyed the ride thus far."

Working as the right-hand man for the designer- that has to be a demanding job...what typically gets you through the day, and what single advice have you learned from the designer that you will carry around forever....
I always start my day with a prayer and I play gospel music while I am in the shower and getting dressed. I have to stay organized because if I am not my whole day will be off track. I stay in touch with everyone on the team, especially Denise so I will know what’s going on with the company. I read fashion magazines and visit the blogs for inspiration. I also like to stay abreast on what’s going on in the world. World events affect fashion and the industry so much, it’s important if you work in the industry that you know what’s is going on in the world. I also read my twitter updates (lol). I think twitter is fascinating and I get so much of my info of what’s going on from twitter. The most important thing I learned from working with Joli’ is to speak your mind. Denise encourages us to be free and speak our opinions. In our line of work it is important to say how you feel about something because if we feel a certain way about a design most likely the customer will feel the same way too."

What's "in" for you this season? I think our tasteful gentleman can appreciate this....

"This season there are a few things in style when it comes to mens fashion. Short sleeve plaid shirts are great for the warm summer weather. You can wear one with a pair of chinos and sperry’s. Give the pants a little roll up to add a little style. I personally add a cotton tie with a strip or polka dot pattern. It makes the look more fun for summer. Hats are a great accessory this summer as well. My favorite is the straw fedora style hats. You might even try the newspaper boy inspired hats as well. Every man should own a pair of white denim for this season. White denim paired with a chambray shirt is also a cool look for the season. Cotton banded watches are also great accessories for the season. Save the leather banded watches for the office. Gingham is another one of my favorites, also paired with chinos and a canvas shoe.”

Time for the shout-out! Do you have a favorite designer/stylist? If so, who is it and why...

"I admire a few fashion designers/design houses and stylist. I love Lanvin and Dries Van Noten for their craftsmanship and creativity. I love Geogres Chakara whose show I actually had the chance to watch during Paris Fashion Week. I admire designers who take the construction of their garments seriously. I believe it to be the most important part. That is why we make sure that when creating garments for Joli’ that we examine the construction with great detail. I love Rachel Zoe and June Ambrose of course. They are great stylist and have impeccable knowledge about fashion."

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Get it DONE...

Dear Diary,

"Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success. A whole clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!"
- Andrew Carnegie

Tis’ the season of graduations…I think I’m gathering a fashionable concept to turn that gown (frown) upside-down and into a stylish-chic’ arrangement. It’s just too frumpy for me….nevertheless, the show must go on. Congratulations to those crossing the marker of success this month. Read on to learn about one of the most positive individuals on my team from a recent interview of my impeccable stylist

Your are known as the stylist for Joli'....tell us how you got your start in the styling business and how your consulting firm- Glamourotti has helped you achieve such greatness...
"I knew styling was for me from participating in various internships related to fashion. I tried design, merchandising and styling---styling was the avenue that gave me the most joy and it just came naturally! I did a summer styling internship in New York then came back to Houston and began interning with JONES magazine. I was happy to work where needed with the magazine, they eventually saw my passion for styling and offered me an opportunity to style some photoshoots. When you work for clients you have to purvey the image they ask of you, I knew I was talented in that avenue so I launched a name for my styling company and parlayed that into other opportunities to style for music videos, personal consultations and now here I am with Diary of Joli'!"

What's "in" for you this season? As a stylist, tell our readers what you plan to rock this summer...
"This summer I'm so excited because I love color and that's the hot trend! Color blocking by layering your shorts, skirts or pants with cool tee's or oxford shirts and a nice light-weight blazer. Dresses are of course in for the summer and are classic. Jersey fabric dresses are in but the key is in the draping and ruffles! Of course cotton dresses with patterns are key and statement making as well!"

What are some quirky (individualistic) things that people may or may not know about you...
"I hate planning what to wear say the night before a full day! I'm better at dressing on a whim, it helps me stay creative, spontaneous and true to how I feel at that moment! I love music and what I call car karaoke! In my mind when I'm in the car I'm the best songstress that ever lived! I do runs, hit high notes, the works! But on a serious tip music also helps me stay creative with fashion and style. Certain musical tunes or lyrics ignite styles and looks in my's crazy how it happens but when it does i have to jot it down or try and sketch it out. I also hate gum!!!! I seriously despise it! Why would I want to constantly chew on something for hours nonstop?!...unladylike in my book!"

Time to do a shout-out....Do you have a favorite designer/stylist? If so, who is it and why...
"My fav stylist is most definitely Patricia Field! Her work on Sex and the City is genius. She's parlayed that into her own line and store. She's definitely a creative mind that I look up to for inspiration and credit as a ground breaking individual.
My favorite designer was and forever will be the late Lee Alexander McQueen. His eye for detail, patterns, and construction was breathtaking. He was a true artist and the epitome of the what the definition of designer should be."

P.S. By far, my favorite piece from the Premiere of Sex and the City 2....GENIUS work Valentino!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Diary,

This week was a challenging, from taking care of business for the line and of my personal life, but that of course is something I’m all too familiar with. As usual, I put my many hats on and went to work…migraines became a thing of the past as I persevered through the week. An interesting concept I did come across this week as I move towards creating my men’s line, Le’on is...I received feedback from a few male followers that has ironically given my pencil a different stroke to the Joli’ line.

I am constantly thinking of ways to enhance my line, starting with my original garment, named Joli’, shown below. Here’s my take on it- I hate it. I’m reconstructing it to be more flattering to a woman’s body and currently have my manufacturer tailoring the open front for starters. I truly value your opinion, so if there are any thoughts in what YOU see this piece becoming- dare to tell, comments are always welcomed. Joli’ MUST BE FAB!

In other news--

As team Joli’ assist me with enhancements, I was recently inspired by one of our team members, our own Production Manager- and her immovable attitude towards the line’s future….take a walk with me to see what I mean…

Recently you discussed being inspired/led to create something new/fresh for the line. What brought along that recent inspiration?
My most recent inspiration came from seeing the old and the new sketches come together in a meeting with the Designer and Creative Director. I left there and made a chalked color board of all of the amazing color blends. The textures were inspired by the paper itself. I love colors that are "yummy". The line is all about color and practicality and during the production process I want to follow that vision.

You also mentioned the talk of fabrics and new feels....explain that dynamic for us…
Fabric should feel "good" in every sense of the word. It should feel good on your body, to your soul and mentally just sitting in your closet as a smart investment piece. Our first run was more structured in fabrication but this extended line is totally texturized! Fabulous flow-ey fabrics, a mix of woven materials and a few knits as well.

What are some quirky (individualistic) things that people may or may not know about you -->fashionably related….or not:
(laughing) I am highly opinionated person and I possess an artistically-critical eye. I always say, "I feel" before speaking. I didn't even notice it until a friend pointed it out to me. It's like my little disclaimer that I this is just my opinion or it can also be a prelude to a "wear out" (another term I use describing my canning ability to place my stamp of disapproval on whatever you are or are not doing). I do however know that my opinions are just that and they are enough for us all. I like to say when I want your opinion- I will give it to you! (laughing)

OK, enough about you- kidding, but really, time to do a shout-out- do you have a favorite designer or stylist that you admirer? If so, who is it and why is that…
First I would like to say thank you to all of my fans because without you none of this would be possible.... (laughing). Ok, I always wanted to say that. Seriously though, I would like to say thank you to each and everyone who wears what they want, who they want, when they want, were they want, how they want and doesn't care about what anyone thinks! Fashion is Freedom! Kisses!

…and as I would like to end it --> POW.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Looks from Paris Fashion Week and The Best of Couture 2010

Featuring Valentino, Armani and Lanvin

Team Joli' the Lab

As team Joli’ is hard at work on expanding the line, I thought I’d take a few moments to share my appreciation. My Creative Director is what you would call the best and has an innate sense of fashion that is highly admired. He brings background knowledge of the industry through his studies in Fashion Merchandising and Retail. Studying abroad in Paris, France during Paris Fashion Week, this creative genius has studied and worked with couture designers and knows fashion markets all over the world. My Production Manager simply put, runs the show! Her background in Business Management and a creative mind forged her into the fashion world, in which she has thrived for seven years. Beginning with owning an online boutique, she has progressed and attained additional experience attending St. Louis Fashion Week, Dallas’ Fashion in the Park, and three seasons with New York Fashion Week. My Stylist is the founder of the Image Consulting firm, Glamourotti. She held various internships within the industry, gaining experience from June Ambrose of Mode Squad and Triple 5 Soul. Her previous position with Jones Magazine, began as an internship and quickly soared to Editorial Fashion manager and Head Stylist. My Executive Assistant helps me keep it all together when I am in race mode by monitoring my hectic schedule. Joli's Public Relations Specialist exclusively handles my PR through her firm, Haute Montage; she is always ready and willing to bring me into the spotlight under the perfect opportunity. The PR Specialist is assisted by our Marketing Specialist,who has a Marketing background and is currently earning her MBA to keep her fashion emphasis on business. As she climbs the Corporate ladder, she one day hopes to design and produce her own line as well, looking to Joli’ as great inspiration.

We are always looking for fresh talent to join our team! Along with their ideas, my staff continues to bring passion, dedication and commitment to the table. If you think you have what it takes to embrace this creative line, please email us at for further details and opportunities that are available.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to D.C.

Team Joli' had the pleasure of shooting the Joli' line in the nation's capitol this weekend. Throughout the Georgetown promenade we captured the essence of some of the designer's favorite pieces, starring "Fierce".

Friday, March 19, 2010

Our First Cover

Joli' has been moving fast and we are continuing to ride the wave. Our next feature will be in VIZAGE Magazine which will include sports media "Dream Girl" Nischelle Turner and the visionary Ava Jadore.

Tell Me What You Think

Team Joli' is in the process of creating our tag line. We would like your help in our efforts. A tag line is very important to a company that is developing its brand as we have been successfully doing for months. A tag line is a short statement about your company that embodies the essence of your brand. Our oh so creative team has come up with two suggestions and are still brainstorming. Tell us what you think or send us your suggestions.

#1 "Unlock Your Style"
#2 " The Best Unkept Secret"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who is Diary of Joli'

Featured Fashionista

Featured Fashionista - Denise Richard

Dear Diary,

I would like to thank Daily Fashionistas for selecting me as their "Featured Fashionista". This journey of my diary as I launch my line has been so inspirational. Read the attached post to learn more about the "Engineer by Day, Designer by Night".

Denise Richard’s love for fashion began as a young woman in her native town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her mother constantly encouraged her be creative and also introduced her to garment making, while her father would photograph her creations. Whether they knew it or not at the time, her parents love and support would provide inspiration to the young fashionista and begin her passion for fashion.

Daily Fashionistas chose Denise as our Featured Fashionista because she's not only an up-and-coming fashion icon, but she has an inspirational story of following her dreams. Her beautiful designs are fun as well as flirty. Denise even adds some edge to her creations. Let's get to know more about Denise Richard:

If I weren’t a designer/fashionista, I’d be…well, actually…I AM an Engineer. I like to say, “Engineer by day; designer by night.”

Working in engineering has had a tremendous affect on my fashion sense as an emerging designer. I have developed a keen eye and the ability to understand the concepts behind designs. Engineering is simply an additional resource that I rely on to produce innovative, avant-guarde pieces in an artistic way.

When I need to relax, I…Watch an old 1930s/1940s American Classic Movie, featuring; for example, Betty Davis, Joan Crawford, or Lana Turner. I am a HUGE Elvis Presley fan, and also enjoy his 1960s films such as Blue Hawaii and Viva Las Vegas.

I look at the style of the actors/actress’ garments for inspirations for my men’s and women’s Prêt-a-Porter Lines, Jolï and León, as they very much represent regality, class, and glamour seen during those eras. I think, “Wow, only if I could dress like that!”I lay magazines next to me…Vogue (the bible for fashion trends and fashionistas), InStyle, Marie Claire, Glamour…all of them laid right there beside me to compare. I follow the celebrities, especially Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham and June Ambrose so that I can keep up on what they are doing and who they are styling. They are the epitome of what the Jolï woman represents.

I also use my free time to write in my diary… the Diary of Jolï. The diary is a documentation of my entire life story…a legacy to leave behind to my daughter. It profiles the steps and processes behind launching my collections and the necessary resources needed to achieve a successful company.

Although a diary is usually secret; my inner most thoughts that no one really knows about, I have unlocked it to share with all of you.

The trait I love most in myself is… I love that I am so personable and love to network and build relationships. I just love people! People will respond to me when they see that I am just the “girl next door” with a vision and dreams before me. Now, stepping out and claiming my destiny. My aspirations are to build networks to enhance the Joli’ brand.

When I’m online, I …check out major fashion calendars, google fashion trends and visit TOPSHOP, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Instyle online. It is important as a designer that I understand what the people who shop at those places relate to.

My collections are high-quality, custom, couture garments. Those mediums are the perfect niche The Diary of Jolï caters to.

All the while, I am constantly checking my Twitter and Facebook fanpage, communicating with my followers every chance that I get and announcing what I am working on that day.

The paparazzi should love me because…I wear many “hats.”

On any given day, the paparazzi would see that my day is never dull. I go from the board room to board meetings of my non-profit organizations. Next could be a fashion show, picking up the kids from school, then right back home to make dinner and sketch. They can always catch me on the move as a “rock-star” mom…and always looking fabulous.

I can’t go into … without maxing out my credit card!

Unfortunately, there are so many that I am connected to: Nordstrom & and the shoe dept of Neiman Marcus are my poison.

I am a shoe fanatic and eventually had to stop and consider optimizing my love for shoes. In 2005, I opened my own shoe boutique (Head Over Heels) in Houston, Texas so I could quit maxing out my card.

My favorite style secret is…utilizing belts for necklaces.

Sometimes I see a belt and to me, I like it more as a necklace. I will easily transform it to give an outfit a bit of character and more attention.

I can’t leave the house without …my blackberry, sunshades, and the Diary of Joli’ portfolio.

I’d love to meet …Catherine Malandrino and June Ambrose.

I’d love to be…known as a designer willing to help all other designers live out their dreams; to give them a step-by-step process/survival guide to launch their line. I would also like to be a “red-carpet name,” with celebrities such as Michelle Obama wearing my garments.

My favorite celeb style is…Victoria Beckham, because she represents the definition of the Jolï woman.

The Jolï woman is confident, chic, fashionable, and edgy. A Jolï woman is independent and is always on the move. Our collection is geared toward the Jetsetter. A socialite that grabs the attention of everyone she embarks upon; is the woman Jolï aims to dress. Our garments will allow this remarkable well-dressed woman to transition from day to night no matter what the occasion. If you are not a Jetsetter, wearing a Jolï design will be a great start to looking like one.

In 10 years, I will be …a well-known designer, with showrooms in NY and LA.

I would also like to lead the way to making Houston, TX a major fashion capital in the United States; where the industry will look to us for style trends and pattern making.
To hear more about my Diary…follow me on Twitter, my Facebook fanpage and my blog where I give step-by-step commentary as I launch my line.

About Diary of Jolï:

We have completed our fall 2010 Jolï line, and currently working on spring 2011. The menswear collection, León, will launch in 2011. Stay tuned for our junior collection… the Notebook!

Twitter: @Diaryof Joli
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jaeger London Fall Collection 2010

Jaeger London presented blacks & neutrals for fall while incorporating fur, prints & cute boots. Walking the runway were familiar faces such as Joan Smalls, Tao Okamoto, Hanne Gaby Odiele were all among the cast to be seen. I loved the almost mod feel of the collection with the bucket hats. As the collection progressed I really responded to the neutral & earth tones used for the coats & suits. The whole collection was presented very well. The mix of black on brown was done in a very chic form as we viewed a caramel colored collar on a black coat. The leather skirt suit & drawstring pant on Okamoto were exceptionally memorable. The Jaeger team attempted to do velvet this season as well. Though not particularly far reaching in creativity, the collection is solid & a fair showing for fall.