Friday, April 29, 2011

As I Tip My Hat........

Dear Dairy,

Today I saw a dress inspired by the Jackie Kennedy style.  And I cannot seem to get Jackie of the brain… So I find it fitting to write about the pillbox hat today. The pillbox hat was all the rage in the 60’s.  And man, did Jackie Kennedy rock that look.  She was a woman with impeccable style and the fact that her look is still imitated today by women around the world stands as testament.

I thought I would give you a special treat. I have been writing about my favorite hats for a while now. I think that would be no better way to show you than to allow you to display my favorite hats from my personal collection. Enjoy!  Check out my vintage pillbox with Joli's favorite accessory-feathers.

Unlock Your Style,
Design Assistant to the Designer

Hats Off - A Tribute to the Royal Wedding

Dear Diary,

Fashion is art. And the fashion of head wear is no exception. Just look at these hats below:

With her hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail, Victoria Beckham elegantly accessories her outfit for the Royal Wedding with a black Philip Treacy piece.
Miriam Clegg adds a splash of colour to her outfit with a striking coral hair accessory secured by a thick black band.
Princess Beatrice's kooky nude bow-detail headpiece is definitely an attention-seeker.
A bright blue Stephen Jones design is the perfect finishing touch to Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's dress.

Unlock Your Style,

Hats off - The History of Hats

Dear Diary,

Let them eat cake and have amazing fashion is what Marie Antoinette should have said. Marie was a woman of impeccable style. Before the French Revolution, she set into motion a fashion revolution. It was a time of great fashion and hats. If you thought the wigs were big, man you should have seen the hats! One woman was even documented wearing a French ship, Belle-Poule, with sails in her hair to celebrate the French victory in the American Revolution. Before the revolution both hats and fashion flourished. It is sad however, that is was short lived. VIVA LE FASHION REVOLUTION!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Time

Dear Diary,

Oh how I have missed the days of summer... I am so glad to see its return!  Although it comes with the heat here in the South, I will me so excited to feel the warm sun on my face again.

Unlock Your Style,

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Red Bottoms.....

Dear Diary,

Probably not the red bottoms you were expecting to read about. 

Many people do not know but one of my favorite designers is Elsa Schiaparelli. She was a fantastic designer that revolutionized women’s fashion during both World Wars. Schiaparelli’s innovative designs and style helped create one of the most recognizable hats in fashion history…. the Shoe Hat. It was designed in 1933 and was featured in the launch of the Fall/ Winter 1937 line. To many it might look odd but, it was worn by many influential fashionistas of the time. Schiaparelli accomplished what many designers today set out to do… design a fashion icon that will forever be remembered.

Unlock Your Style,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dress Me

Dear Diary,

As it turns out, I have a fashion event everyday this week.  These are my fashionable inspired looks.  I have challenge myself to select items in my closet that I have not worn in decades.  lol

Unlock Your Style,

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rock Mom

Dear Diary,

This Easter weekend is spent with family, friends, and my little nieces and nephews.  They look so cute in their little dresses and my nephews in bow ties.  Remembering, "Greater is he that's in me, than he that's in the world".  Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins.

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James Perse jersey skirt
65 GBP -

Alexander McQueen peep toe boot
$1,337 -

Federica Rettore diamond bangle
$12,995 -

Jordan Scott quartz jewelry
$616 -

Feather jewelry
$46 -

Chain bracelet
$44 -

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Few Things to Gasp About!

Dear Diary,

I'm not easily impressed, however there are a few things to gasp about.  Team Joli' understands hard work and dedication.  If our designs and silhouettes aren't in keeping with the Joli brand....well, let's just say, they are filed away in a safe place.  Its important to be patience and have a birds-eye view of the entire concept.  Will the client like it?  Is it marketable? Editorials? So not being easily impressed is not a bad thing.  Its a skill, when learned properly, is POWERFUL.  Team Joli' is looking for each client to "gasp".  Stay Tuned.

Unlock Your Style,

Farhi By Nicole Farhi off the shoulder top
60 GBP -

Helmut Lang cap sleeve tee
$125 -

Savant feather skirt
$395 -

BALLIN high heels
734 GBP -

BALLIN high heels
734 GBP -

Helene Zubeldia crystal bracelet
176 GBP -

Kenneth Jay Lane blue crystal earring
131 EUR -

Poillotstatus gold ring
$1,750 -

G by Guess silver heart jewelry
$19 -