Friday, March 19, 2010

Tell Me What You Think

Team Joli' is in the process of creating our tag line. We would like your help in our efforts. A tag line is very important to a company that is developing its brand as we have been successfully doing for months. A tag line is a short statement about your company that embodies the essence of your brand. Our oh so creative team has come up with two suggestions and are still brainstorming. Tell us what you think or send us your suggestions.

#1 "Unlock Your Style"
#2 " The Best Unkept Secret"


Joanne Licsko said...

#1 "Unlock Your Style" is my pick. It relates to me, the consumer directly. It tells me if I buy this garment, my true best self will be seen.

Dinjii Boutique said...

#1 is my pick. To me it says that I can tap into my individuality with this line.