Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to D.C.

Team Joli' had the pleasure of shooting the Joli' line in the nation's capitol this weekend. Throughout the Georgetown promenade we captured the essence of some of the designer's favorite pieces, starring "Fierce".


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the shoot but not sure if the styling is on par with the image you are trying to promote - actually what image are you trying to promote? A suggestion - do not style new fashions with old ones that will be going "out of style" within a season i.e. the booties and knee high boots with the silver dress. And the silver dress is a bit short! Models do not look as fierce as the clothing. Can't see the green dress and it looks like there is elastic on the silver shorts. Beautiful pieces but photo and styling are not working. Just want to give you an honest opinion as I think theline has potential.

The Fly on the Wall said...

Honest opinions are always welcomed and valued. Thanks so much for showing that you care. A Joli woman is confident, chic, fashionable, and edgy. She is independent and always on the move. We are working on our branding/image and want to make sure that all aspects of our collection match the image we are trying to protray. Thanks again our Fashion Forward Friend.