Thursday, March 24, 2011

Joli' Woman of the Day

Dear Diary,

As I continue this journey, I stopped by to share my Joli' Woman of the Day.  See below post.  This Balmain jacket is very similar to my magenta velvet military style silhouette recently constructed. 

Today was very exhausting.  More administrative work than designing.  Preparing for photo shoots, relaunching my website and interviewing new Design Assistants.  But, its all worth it!!!!  I love what I do and the will to continue perfecting my skills. 

What's your Joli' Look of the Day?  Send me pics.

Unlock Your Style,

1 comment:

Catasha said...

as the old saying goes "if you want something done, got to do it yourself"'s the best way to make sure youa re as effective as you desire to be! Can't wait to see your new designs...from the "looks" of it- I can already tell it's FI-YAH!