Friday, March 25, 2011

Fab Friday

Dear Diary,

What a week!  Enjoying spring break with the family has been both enjoyable and fulfilling.  Remember, balance is the KEY TO SUCCESS.  My Joli' "do to" list has been eliberated!  All task completed and it feels great.  However, we all know that once a task is completed, ten more are added to the list. 

My rest was constantly interupted lastnight with visions of my Joli' "Woman of the Day" look from yesterday.  True Fashionistas can truely understand this.  Every couple of hours, I was thinking about the electric blue Christian Louboutin's or the stretch denim layered jeans. I was so inspired.  I keep an inspiration pad by my bed for times like these.  So, I'm posting it again. This look completes me.  It has the sequin, the snakeskin, the stiletoes, my signature cuffs and a relaxed bottom.  The only think missing are the feathers. lol  I'm marinating in this fab lane.

Unlock Your Style,

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