Monday, June 27, 2011

Phoenix Fashion Week

Dear Diary,

       Here are the official Top 10 emerging designers
 in Phoenix Fashion Week:

                                                                        Joli Richard

We at Joli are very excited to be represented as one of the Top 10 emerging designers. We are currently embarking upon making our Spring 2012 line. It is sure to be creativity beyond imagination and everything and more that portrays a Joli Woman.

Trenell Floyd;
      Monyca Cordova;
  Will Chandler ;


  Mabel Cortez;

Gary Jones;

 Anna Friss;

Missing Designers are Sebastien Million,, InDi http://www.indi-apparel/. com, Silvia Bours

                                       Good Luck to all the Participants from the Joli Team
                                                                 and remember to
                                                                 Unlock your Style,
                                                             Sierra, Fashion Assistant

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Chanel Tonè said...

You have come such a long way and you have no where else to go but up. I am so proud of you and anxious to see what's next for you.

The Other Coco Chanel

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