Monday, April 11, 2011


Dear Diary,

Bigpurseitis (N.) -
Pronounced: b-ig-purse-i-tis
The unjustified need to carry an ridiculously large purse.
I do confess like many Joli women out there I suffer from Bigpurseitis.  When purchasing a new purse it must be at least large enough to hide a small child in.  I have tried carrying a clutch.  But well it was just way too impractical.  It probably doesn't help that I carry my life in my purse. So my motto is go big or go home.  And to be frank I go BIG! I love going to the airport and being able to use my large purse as an additional carry on.  Although they can sometimes become incumbent in small places, I fear I will be able to down-size.  Bigpurseitis... a blessing and a curse. 

Unlock Your Style,
Destinee, Design Assistant
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