Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It all started with a Lock and a Key

Dear Diary,

Diary of Joli'is a psuedonym used by Joli Richard to represent both her blog and Fashion House. In the Diary of Joli', Joli' divulges the good, the bad and the in-between that comes along with building a clothing line and a brand from the ground up. She unleashes the secrets of her coveted diary for the world to see and become familiar.

Each excerpt delves deep into her inner most thoughts and dreams, documenting the steps and pitfalls one must take to make it into the fashion industry. The Diary of Joli' provides a reference for the customer to connect with Joli and a resource for the aspiring designer.

The Diary of Joli' chronicles Joli'’s life story and her inspirations. It is the foundation for which the Diary of Joli' Fashion House is built.

Through the Diary of Joli' Fashion House, Joli' aims to produce chic, classy, avant-garde collections for the independent professional that is “always on the move.” Each garment is couture and elite; constructed to stimulate the visual sense and highlight the focal points of the body. The image of Diary of Joli' is confident, fashionable and edgy.

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