Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello World!

Did you miss me? Whoo! I've been traveling the seven seas, and have finally decided to take a least until fashion week, that is.

Today's blog features a new addition Team Joli'. I must say that my sprits are overjoyed to know that my team is growing and prospering- to new levels of success!

I hate to be so cliche, but being that you are our latest and greatest addition to the team, tell us a little about yourself....

"I am a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. I enjoy this city because of its rich culture and diversity. At an early age, I developed a passion for the arts. While in grade school, I learned to read music and became the first chair in my elementary symphony band. I now play two instruments, the Flute and the trombone. Becoming a musician, gave me the opportunity and courage to perform and entertain an audience. I have performed in numerous Mardi Gras parades. As a member of McDonogh #35 Senior High School, we would “WOW” the crowd on the parade routes. While in high school, I had the privilege of playing at the world famous Preservation Hall in the French Quarters and an unforgettable experience performing for Former President Bill Clinton. I remember my mother and I entered a Mother/Daughter Mother’s Day Fashion Show. Oh yeah, I’m the only girl in my family and I’m the oldest by the way, so I ran home and told my mom I was interested and she was just as excited. We went as far as making our final pieces which included props for the runway performance. After the adrenaline rush and having the opportunity to show a creative fun side of myself, I became extremely interested in the fashion world and an event planner in general. Throughout high school, I would host themed parties at my parent’s home. Everyone wanted an invitation to one of my parties. This new found passion for fashion and events takes me to my freshman year in college at the University of New Orleans where I studied Marketing. One day while on campus I was approached by this talent scout who was interested in me signing with their agency. After only a couple months I landed a contract with a client and I began to work many corporate and private events locally in New Orleans as a Brand Ambassador for the company. These events were amazing. I never would have imagined these type of elaborate events took place right here in my own city OMG! I worked events ranging from mansion parties in the French Quarters to themed parties where I dressed and modeled in really nice costumes. After a few years of working with this company, I relocated to Atlanta, Ga due to Hurricane Katrina. I have finished school in Fashion Marketing and continued to build my resume in the industry while living in Atlanta. Living in Atlanta has been a bitter/sweet experience that has brought me a long way in my personal and professional growth."

What has been your best experience with modeling and (when and where)?
"My absolute best experience with modeling was when I landed a job as a modeling instructor for Barbizon School of Modeling in New Orleans, Louisiana. I always reflect on my experiences there because at an early time in my career, I didn’t realize how many young ladies were so interested or respected the industry at their age. I first thought that most kids came to class because their parents could afford to send them to a modeling session, but as I developed a relationship with my students, I realized that I was in a wonderful rewarding situation. Not only was I learning the industry myself but I realized that I began to have such a profound effect on my students. One evening as class ended, most kids would be looking at the clock to go home and enjoy their Saturday, but these 20 sets of eyes were special. Those eyes were special because they fulfilled me as a model, an instructor, and as a person. I felt I became a role model at that moment because they became very comfortable around me and believed in me. As a matter of fact they became my friends. Today, 3 years later, I still receive calls for advice or just a simple hello from these aspiring models, confirming that I made the right decision to further my career in this industry."

Who has THE top look for you in 2010 and why?
"Rihanna’s cutting-edge fashions make her my choice for the Top Look in 2010. Her style is so futuristic and feminine, yet unpredictable. Her transformation over the years from denim skirts and long hair to a high fashion diva wearing Diane von Furstenberg dresses, certainly keeps the paparazzi busy."

What you believe your best asset is to the group?
"My best asset to Team Joli involves building everlasting relationships with the group. This in turn will continue to keep the team focused and excited on reaching our goals and final projects."

Where would you like to find the Joli woman in the next five years featured?
"Location, Location, Location is key! I believe featuring Diary of Joli with Saks, Neiman Marcus, and other high end companies will generate high end revenue for Diary of Joli. These companies offer the finest designer collections and Joli would fit perfectly."

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