Thursday, July 29, 2010

Working Hard to Play Harder.....

What a day it has been.  I was in my office and I was stragetizing on the creative ways to launch out line.  Joli' has been requested to provide garments and designs for so many people that I just needed to figure out innovative ways to meet the demand.  What the world doesn't know is that I started this company with only $250.00.  Wow, that is nothing.  Pennies to be exact.  I believe in our product so, that I have decided to make a drastic move.  Does vacant warehouse sound attractive?  What about studios and showrooms?  I am looking for real estate where I can have a home and a personal work space and showroom.   You see, in our many research developments, I have discovered that manufacturing is where the money is.  I am a strong believer that we should give back to the community and provide jobs in our own communities.  I  better stop here.  I can't tell it all, I got to leave something to make you return.

Team Joli' has embraced my new image, new direction and new name!  I hope you enjoy the below sketch.  Its called "Girl Next Door".  See you guys at Fashion Week! 

Unlock Your Style,


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