Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm So Inspired!

Dear Diary,

This week, I took a step back and looked into the circle. My collection being the circle of course. Wow, what did I see. I didn't see the entire collection as I had originally desired it to be. My vision for Joli' is for those fashionistas willing to take risk, women that are ready to add a little edge to their wardrobe, and unique silhouettes. I'm determined to be different, I'm determine to WOW the fashion savvy community. To release my frustration, Joli' Business Manager and Fashion Attorney suggested that I go out on the tennis court and hit all the yellow off the tennis balls. You can image my response, instead I threw my signature piece Joli' across the room. Lol. I continued doing this until I felt some release. Once I was free, the creative juices that were there all along were resurrected! Yes, I'm BACK. I immediately called my Design Assistant and gave her key words and emotions that could describe my collection and vision for Joli'. For she had only been employed with us for a week. Did she get excited and inspired and gave me some very constructive observations. Friends, I don't want to be just a designer. I'm an Avante Garde designer with Pret a Porte (ready to wear) collection. I call it edgyture. Edgy Couture. Yes, that's it! Stay tuned for our edgyture illustrations.
Diary of Joli' truly has God's favor. Our company is in need of more focus centered branding. I have had three branding companies approach me all within two days of each other. WOW how exciting. It just gets better, I am so inspired by Revealing Fashion. They are a company with the same goals and visions as Joli'. My conversation with CEO and Sr. Business Coordinator was refreshing and gave me a sense of their dedication and hard work. At Joli' our motto....Work Hard to Play Harder. We absolutely love what we do. The energy, long days and sweat we put into making Joli' stand above them all. We love changing lives of individuals through our Image Consulting. Look out Fashion World, Diary of Joli' is sneaking behind you with greatness and "edgyture" silhouettes.
This is my diary as I launch my line. Stay tuned and share my story with others that are fashion savvy. My hopes are to inspire my followers to live life now.
Pics attached are new illustrations and a wonderful pic from Revealing Fashions. Very inspiring! Illustration 19, I would like to see without sleeves.
Unlock Your Style,
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SimplyFabulous said...

wow are those your sketches? because they are reallly good!

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